Times They Are A-Changin’

Change Ahead

You may not have noticed, but some crazy stuff is going on in the world. Amongst other things, America is on the verge of revolt (see Trayvon Martin and Texas’ battle against abortion), people are seeking political asylum outside of the United States, and engineers of the Frankenfood movement are winning global recognition. Not to mention the fact that planes are falling from the sky and trains are spilling oil all over the Canadian frontier, harming people by the dozens. Granted these last two stories don’t really imply any sort of personal or ideological evolution, but they are concerning none the less.

Regardless of where you stand, it’s hard not to recognize that these events and their cultural implications are a pretty fair representation of the growth that takes place within each of us as we search for fulfillment and happiness. Circumstances change and we must adapt. If we don’t, we stagnate and our ideas, virtues and goals, for a lack of better terms, die. As frightening as this may seem, personal and professional evolution must be embraced if we wish to grow to our fullest potential so that we can continue to contribute to the lives of those that we love while advancing the virtues that we hold most dear.

That being said, things here at Veggiefeed are about to look and feel a lot different. As my nutrition knowledge grows and I begin to contemplate ways in which I can best leverage my experience, I am refining my mission so that I can help the greatest number of people in the most effective and efficient way possible. This means specialization and seeking the practical experience that will help me establish a meaningful practice once my schooling is complete.

In the coming days, Veggiefeed will soon be transitioning to Twelve Wellness, a blog (and practice upon graduation) geared towards finding the ideal balance between the biochemical (physical), emotional (mental), and environmental (spiritual) factors that influence health for those struggling to overcome alcoholism and addiction. In the context of my personal experience in dependency and recovery, I hope to teach others how to better utilize food, mindfulness and spirituality to better heal the damage caused by substance abuse, disordered eating and a destructive thought process.

I plan to supplement our discussion of addiction nutrition with suggestions that I believe will help improve dietary decision making and the ability to set challenging, yet realistic goals so that we are better able to create happy, healthy and abundant lives.

Exciting! Scary, but very exciting!

Understandably, the transition to Twelve Wellness is going to have far fewer social and ideological implications than some of the other happenings going on around the world, but I believe that focusing my efforts will allow me to have a greater impact upon those that need my help most. Change is a good thing and I am VERY excited to start working with this new intention at the forefront of my mission.

The times they are a-changin’  and I hope you will join me on this journey so that we can create something truly wonderful together.

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