The Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a long and arduous journey. A journey fraught with obstacles that work to stifle progress towards inner peace and prosperity. A journey so rigorous and unyielding that its fulfillment will elude even the most ardent seekers.

No worries, my friends. There is a way that we can greatly improve our chances of standing firm in the slipperiest of ambitions.

We all have the ability to unlock the power of true happiness by simply shifting our focus away from unmet expectations that insult the ego towards the accomplishments that enrich life. When we are able to escape Self and the unrealistic, ego-driven expectations we establish for ourselves, we can better explore life and the opportunities presented to each of us so that we can reach our fullest spiritual potential and live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Shame, guilt, and remorse must be removed from our psyche and we must rid ourselves of the tendency to place a disproportionately greater value in the material possessions that we use to measure self-worth rather than the spiritual experiences the foster love and compassion. If we wish to achieve true happiness we must respect others and ourselves while honoring the values that we hold dear.

There is no timeline, status or financial requirement for pursuing happiness. There are no tricks or schemes that will improve the chance of success. All that is required is acceptance of who we are and who we want to become. All that is needed is a willingness to remain open and honest in the face of circumstance and controversy.

We can all obtain happiness if we let go of the expectations that prime us for disappointment and embrace the experiences that encourage love and faith.

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