Planting the Seeds of Change

Natural Food Magazine Vol 1Life has been exceptionally busy the past couple of months and the seeds of my labor are starting to sprout.

First things first.  A few months back, I was asked to contribute to a new digital magazine that features articles on nutrition, food, supplements, exercise and all things healthy.  Geared towards vegetarians and vegans, this could be anything from recipes and supplement reviews to detox plans and guidance on how to prevent or cure a variety of ailments naturally.  No shortage of subject matter, I jumped at the opportunity and allowed my writing to be an outlet for a problem that I have struggled with since I was a child.  My relationship with food has manifested itself in a number of ways, but eating has consistently brought me a lot of anxiety and guilt over the disparity between the “right” things to eat and what my body is telling me it wants.  Food cravings and the binges that always follow have tormented me since early childhood and learning to interpret and take action upon these bodily signals has and will continue to be a valuable learning experience.

So, after a few weeks of research, personal discovery and doubt over my chosen subject matter, my piece was thankfully accepted and has since been included in the magazines first issue!  If you would like to learn more on why we crave and a few strategies to prevent binge eating, Natural Food Magazine is available here for purchase on iTunes.  To wet your pallet, here is a brief excerpt from my first published piece, “Crave and Binge: Understanding Food Cravings and Naturally Preventing Binge Eating”:

 “On the heels of a bad day, boredom, or an absent minded overindulgence, abiding an errant craving or consuming an inordinate amount of food, binging, are the quickest ways to deflate our nutritional aspirations and increase the risk of ill health.  One craving can jump start the poor dietary habits that prime the body for nutrient deficiency and perpetuate the cycle of destructive behaviors that make us more susceptible to lifestyle disease.  Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and physical inactivity afflict young and old, and have the power to cripple our health and our wellness.  Further, the stress of fighting these nagging bodily urges and the emotionally destructive capacity of binge eating can obstruct our ability to live happy and productive lives and contribute to the wellbeing of our loved ones.”

Oh, and I am now formulating my next piece that will hopefully be included in either the November or December edition.  Fingers crossed.

Also, in between workouts and study sessions, I have been able to find a little time to hone my craft and contribute to the MindBodyGreen community.  Although the pieces I have contributed have been predominantly geared towards nutrition, the MindBodyGreen has everything from fitness tips to spiritual guidance in the quest for enlightenment.  Definitely something to check out if you are a health enthusiast, spiritual guru or an aspiring yogi.

Here is a snippet from one of my pieces, “3 Reasons to Eat Seaweed Now”:

“Fat free and low in calories, seaweed is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, protein and trace elements that are often lacking in land veggies. Gaining its nutritional value from the nutrient-rich ocean in which it grows, seaweed is abundant in calcium, iron and iodine, which are considered the essential minerals needed by those who observe a dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan or macrobiotic diet. Also, edible sea vegetables are loaded with important vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and vitamin C, which support healthy organ function and immunity. The cherry on this nutritional sundae is that for those watching their weight, the carbohydrates in sea vegetables are comprised of complex fibers, which pass through the digestive tract unabsorbed, cleansing the intestines while adding no dietary calories.”

And, here is my contributor page with all the pieces that I have been blessed to contribute.

Looking at all this now, it doesn’t seem like much, but I really must say that practicing to improve my skill set and exposing myself to the world really does take a lot of effort and fortitude and I am somewhat impressed by all that I have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.  Actively pursuing my dreams (higher education, physical fitness, professional development, and being there for my family, friends and pup) can be overwhelming at times,  but it is better than letting myself waste away in a position or mindset that doesn’t allow me to be me.

I realize now that hard work does pay off and pursuing your dreams is the quickest way to an abundant life.

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