Overcoming Uncertainty: Unleashing Creativity and Freedom

A Fork in the RoadThe unknown terrifies me. It literally scares the rationality out of me and I do everything within my power to prevent that from happening. I often go so far as to structure my days months in advance to provide that extra cozy sense of security in my Fort Knox like existence. Even in circumstances where the outcome is largely out of my control, I will try to wiggle, coerce or somehow manipulate my life and the people in it so that I can grasp even the slightest thread of security. Unfortunately, not only is this micromanaging of the inherently unmanageable extremely exhaustive and time consuming, it is largely ineffective. Uncertainty inevitably comes about and I get thrown into a spiral of terror and complacency. And, once I enter the rabbit hole of fear, I am liable to do all sorts of crazy things and, barring a complete physical, emotional, and spiritual reboot, there is often little that can be done to divorce me from my self-destructive tendencies.

Fortunately, there is something that I can do to prevent all the collateral damage I cause when the unknown occurs. I can acknowledge the limitations of my knowledge.

Recognizing my limitations eliminates the need to seek the security of known outcomes and allows me to experience the celebration of life and my true Self. Recognizing that my knowledge is somewhat finite, I am encouraged to explore, discover, experiment and grow intellectually, spiritually and even physically.  Understanding that there is absolutely no way that I can known and be prepared for every circumstance inspires inquiry and allows me to reframe my flight from uncertainty as a journey towards enlightenment.

Paraphrasing Deepak Chopra’s sixth law of success, The Law of Detachment, letting go of certainty is letting go of the known. The known is nothing more than a conditioned response to past events. There is no growth or evolution in the past. Embracing uncertainty is embracing the future. The future is the ground for creativity and freedom. Creativity and freedom are the expressions of our innermost desire. The expression of our innermost desires is how we develop to our upmost potential.

Being able to recognize uncertainty reinforces the idea that I am not in charge and that I must remain open to life and every circumstance that it presents. In this context, the unknown is a vehicle for growth and a tool that I can utilize to help me better support my friends and family.

Besides, certainty is boring. If I were to know the outcome of every situation or what may result from this or that action, why participate in the first place?

Not knowing is the human condition. Rather, uncertainty is a certainty. Why not embrace it and see what we can create to unlock true Self?

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