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Holistic refers to the integration of body, mind, and spirit. A holistic nutrition professional helps individuals achieve a healthy balance between all three aspects of the human experience, while emphasizing the importance of an individual’s dietary requirements.

The primary focus of a holistic nutritionist is to motivate clients to consume nutrient-dense foods that are whole, locally sourced, produced in an ethical manner, and eaten in-season. Food should be chosen and prepared in a manner consistent to one’s heritage (country of origin, belief system, upbringing), current health status (clinical and sub-clinical), wellness goals (physical, psychological, spiritual), and resources (time, energy, money). Such foods are uniquely able to support digestion and assimilation; increase and stabilize energy production; promote weight loss and weight management; and promise true nourishment and lasting vitality.

In addition to one’s diet, a truly holistic philosophy must also consider lifestyle, behavior, outlook, and perspective to create consistency and balance in beliefs and actions.

A holistic approach to diet and life may be the only true way to balance the biochemical, spiritual, and environmental factors that influence how we feel, move, and act. More simply, holism promises a real and sustainable way to obtain lasting health and vitality.

One-on-One Consultation

1-Month Program - $350

The 1-month program is perfect for individuals who already have a well-established health and wellness practice, but would like to make a few adjustments to accommodate new goals or an important life change. The 1-month program may also be a good starting point for those who are still on the fence about the benefits of a holistic health program and want to experiment with a new way of living, eating, and moving.

3-Month Program - $325/month or $900 up front

The most popular and most often recommended package, the 3-month program allows clients to create wide-spread improvements in holistic health. This program goes deep into making modifications in diet, lifestyle, exercise, and outlook to facilitate large improvements in physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. If you are ready to commit to a new-and-improved you or are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this is the program for you!

  • 1-month program
  • Two 1 hour A La Carte Coaching sessions*
  • Weekly meal plans

6-Month Program - $300/month or $1,600 up front

The 6-month program is for individuals looking to achieve dramatic improvements in health, maybe in the face of serious or life-threatening disease, with a complete dietary and lifestyle overhaul. During this program, we will work closely with your primary physician and other health and wellness professionals to develop a comprehensive health plan to properly nourish illness, increase longevity, and promote vitality. This is a very extensive, hands on program and is best suited for those fully committed to developing a healthful and balanced nutrition plan.

  • 3-month program
  • Two additional 1-hour A La Carte Coaching sessions*
  • Priority service and supplement pricing

A la Carte Coaching (1 Hour) - $50

For existing clients looking for additional support, individuals looking to make incremental changes in their wellness plan, or groups of motivated persons exciting to learn more about health and well-being, A la carte coaching sessions are a great adjunct service or introduction to a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

  • Grocery store shopping tour
  • Kitchen and pantry audit
  • One-on-one in-home cooking instruction
  • Lunch-and-learn at a local eatery
  • Meal planning for guests or parties
  • Unique service requests

Program Development

Health and wellness initiatives at work and in the community are a great way to increase awareness about the value of proper nutrition and promote the development of healthy diet and lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, without specialized knowledge and a proper understanding of how it can be made accessible to specific segments of the population, health and wellness programs may fall short in their intended reach in benefit. My experience in developing and implementing food and fitness oriented initiatives and years of working in a corporate setting allow me to create and implement holistic health models to increase positive participant outcomes in treatment facilities, schools, small businesses, and non-for-profit or community organizations. Services include:

  • Development of healthy and cost-effective meal planns
  • Analysis and modification of dietary resource allocation to improve department efficiency and efficacy
  • Staff, client, group education on healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Routine one-on-one nutrition consultations
  • Review and management of existing health and wellness programs and initiatives

Please contact Matthew directly to discuss program options and pricing in depth.


Community/Group Education

Many people fear public speaking. Not Matthew! And, he is ready to help engage, inspire, and motivate your group, organization, clients, or employees eat better and live a more balanced life. Addicts and alcoholics, students of every ilk, and athletes young and old, Matthew has taught them all and is ready to spread the word on the power of a mindful, healthy, and holistic dietary and lifestyle philosophy.

Please contact Matthew directly to discuss program options and pricing in depth.

Call today to schedule your one-on-one with Matthew or to receive more information about his health and wellness program!

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