My Misguided Youth

Oh, how philosophic and, at the same time, foolish I was as a youngster.

Below is a paper that I wrote when I was 18 and trying to knock at some college credits at my local community college. The assignment was to write a “definition paper” that defines a word, term or concept in depth by providing extensive commentary on what the specific subject means. And, although I think that I did a fairly good job emphasizing the importance of social interaction, developing relationships and exposing ourselves to a wide variety of personalities and circumstances, the context in which I place such growth was a little misguided and has some obvious implications for the direction my life would take shortly there after.

Honestly, I am a little astonished at how meditative I was as an 18 year old punk whose primary motivations were girls and oblivion. 

Well, hope you get a few kicks out of my youthful…naivety? Enjoy.


The Splendor of Happy Hour

Happy hour is a period of time, generally during the mid-to-late afternoon hours, where food and beverage establishments lower the price of alcoholic drinks in order to attract customers.  It is also a gimmick used by restaurants and bars in order to increase the number of drinks consumed, to receive greater profits and to improve the establishment’s reputation.  Happy hour offers an escape from the anxieties and stresses that burden all working adults and will create the celebration of another successfully completed day of business.

Happy hour is similar to Christmas because of the joy and merriment that is felt by all who partake in happy hour’s splendor.  Happy hour is certainly not a tremendous extravaganza where formal attire is required and the name of the dish you are about to eat is undecipherable.  Happy hour is simply a come-as-you are occasion where the menu is no more extensive than: nachos, buffalo wings, chicken tenders, and hamburgers.  When attending happy hour you are not only susceptible to the eclectic variety of drinks and snacks, but you will depart with a certain lust for the flavor and atmosphere just experienced.

Happy hour is a gift to all of the hard-working individuals that strive for success in their lives.  What seem to be imperfections of happy hour: the constant yelling of drunken comments which distract you from your thoughts, the obnoxious clouds of smoke that poisons your lungs, and the sometimes overly crowded facility in which you seek your peace, seem to regress against the progress you have made towards your goals in life.  Coincidently though, while in your search for prosperity, these so-called “bumps in the road” only broaden your spectrum of the knowledge of social behaviors and patterns and further your progress towards your goals.

Happy hour reminds me of the journal I used to keep while I was going through junior high school.  That journal depicted every emotion I felt and if a passer-by happened to take a glimpse, whether there actions were intentional or not, would know all my deepest and darkest secrets, which would leave my thoughts totally exposed. As a result of my forgetfulness, the restriction of viewing my journal will allowed that person to understand my feelings.  Similar to my former journal, happy hour is a more basic understanding of a person’s social behavior.  Conclusions about a persons past can be drawn from happy hour and help us understand the importance of such a small detail such as happy hour.

Happy hour, to the inexperienced patron, often seems like a pathetic attempt by an under-achieving lush, to converse with people they do not even care about or hardly even know, in an attempt to better his or her emotional status through the understanding of another person’s problems.  On the other hand happy hour, to the enlightened patron, is a state of mind in which you are introduced to a number of distinct moods and ideas, which will dictate his or her future everyday decisions.  When a lion kills the weakest gazelle in the herd, it makes the herd of gazelle stronger and faster as a unit.  Alcohol kills the weakest brain cells, thereby “making the brain a faster and more efficient machine,” which is why you feel smarter after a few beers Cliff Calvin suggests.  “Let’s just do this and I will get back to killing you with beer,” Homer J. Simpson states as the sudden realization of alcohols’ affects set in.

Happy hour is a fundamental resource that is often taken for granted.  Going to happy hour at your favorite pub, your comfortable zone, is a break from the modern cast system that rules this nation and a continuance of the developmental stages of the mind, body, and soul.  Relationships will start to form as you start to attend happy hour more regularly.  Relationships will form, not only with the overly understanding and sympathetic bartender, within you as well.  An understanding of yourself will help you to obtain the euphoric feeling the hippie in the mailroom at your office often tells you about and force your mind to succumb to the idea of, “Give me a…beer and I will conquer the world. (Wilhelm)” The dismissal of stress and the enrichment of social value are the key aspects of happy hour that are often overlooked, but ironically have the most beneficial results.

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