McMystified by the McRib

McRib McTroubleThe McDonald’s McRib, in all its saucy, spongy glory, epitomizes the excess of the average American diet and is the exact reason why lifestyle disease accounts for 3 of the 5 leading causes of death in the United States. However, this beloved accomplishment of food engineering remains an icon to many and continues to prove that sentimental yearning can drive a company’s competitive strategy in a lean economy. The McRib is the perfect representation of the insatiable American appetite and clearly illustrates why our country will never be able to rid itself of the burden caused by our most destructive, yet most embraced addiction: food.

As a budding nutritionist, what concerns me most is the fact that America has developed an intimate relationship with a “restructured meat product” in spite of knowing that we are contributing 48% of the saturated fat, 41% of the sodium and 23% of the cholesterol to our recommended daily allowance when we exercise our compulsive need for instant barbeque gratification. Has our collective megalomania become so great that we perceive ourselves as unsusceptible to the effects of heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, etc., etc. etc.?

Exactly how they jam 70 ingredients into a seemingly 5-component sandwich (bread, patty, sauce, onion and pickle) is beyond my comprehension. Exactly why that list includes a ‘flour-bleaching product often used in the production of foamed plastics’ is beyond moral reason.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a time in my former life when the McRib did function as a tangible representation of my wistful desire to relive a time less complicated by the ‘adult’ stresses of everyday life, but that was long ago and it baffles me that such a large segment of our country still embraces something so blatantly unhealthy when there is an abundance of information that clearly illustrates how much harm it causes.

The McRib is a blight upon the nutritional landscape of America and deserves no place in the diet of ANY living being, human or otherwise.

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  1. 70 ingredients! Wow, that’s insane. I haven’t had anything from McDs or any other fast food chain in well over 5 years now (8 years for meat), yet I remember the sensation following eating a large fry and washing it down with root beer… a “greasy” feeling, an upset stomach and a headache. Why it took me so many years to connect my food to my body is beyond me, but I am sure glad I did.

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