Giving Thanks

We are on the precipice of one of the most joyous, gratifying, and inspiring seasons of the year. Friends and families will come together to celebrate life, love and the ideologies that have served the spiritual enlightenment of millions. Regardless of our standing within the context of religion, recovery or even our own households, now is the time to celebrate all that has been given to us so that we can take part in this life and hopefully the next.

A grand idea, in theory, but celebrating every meaningful event that has taken place over the past year is beyond the intellectual and emotional capacity of this simple man. The only way I can begin to pay my respects is by recognizing all those that have, in some way or another, shown me the beauty of the human spirit. Expressing thanks for all those that have nurtured my physical, emotional and spiritual growth is the very least I can do to say “thank you” to all of the great people that came before me and all those that will most certainly follow.

Here it goes. I am truly thankful for:

My fiancé. She supports and loves me in all my decisions. She makes me smarter, stronger and more capable of handling all the bad things that can happen on any given day. She nurtures me when the craziness of life settles on my shoulders and she motivates me to take risks and step outside of comfort. She is an amazing mother to our pup and shows him more love and affection that I have ever known. She is everything that I hope to one day be and I am extremely faithful that I have her in my life to help me grow in every facet of life.

My pup. He keeps me honest and is very good at needing attention exactly when I need it most. I don’t know how he does, but right when I am about to spin into a dark place of frustration, anxiety or stress, he jumps into my little bubble and begs to be played with or simply petted. Oh! And he will never turn down a workout, rain or shine, and gives me someone to chase on hard efforts.

My family. My family is my family. They were present when I wasn’t being super awesome for which I will always be thankful.

My friends. There is no such thing as having too many friends, especially when they are of like mind and understand what I am trying to accomplish in life. New friends open up my world to new perspectives and new opportunities that would not have been available otherwise. Old friends keep me grounded in reality when my imagination gets the best of me and encourage me to keep dreaming when I get complacent. Connecting with others is my go-to for intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.

My program. My program keeps me in touch with the Power that guides me through the jungle of life. Without it I would be nothing.

My passion. After several years of skating by, I have finally discovered my passion and I make sure that I take every opportunity to learn, grow and evolve in its pursuit. Finding my true self through this passion has been one of the most enriching factors in my maturation. Without having been given the chance to explore my self and my interests from the aforementioned persons for whom I am grateful, I would probably still be stuck in a cube doing something that I truly do not enjoy.

My health. I get to run, play and be active every day. Whether it’s a trail run, study session or interaction with clients, I get to fully participate in my life without having to worry about illness or injury.

All these things have built me into the person that I am today and I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully express my gratitude. I hope this simple list gets me started.

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