Find Health & Happiness with Imperfect Practice

Life is a process of constant adaptation and evolution. Our physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing is dependent upon changes in environment, diet, and all the other stimuli that we must confront on a daily basis. Developing a program that allows us to respond, not react, to the life-altering events that threaten our program will help minimize their detriment so that we can continue to grow in our spiritual quest towards complete wellness and recovery. Simply put, we must develop a program that improves our ability to respond in a positive manner.

Unfortunately, life changes and what works today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, building a paradigm-busting responsiveness that promotes wellbeing recognizes both the uniqueness of our individual circumstance and the extreme ambiguity of life.

The best way to recognize our circumstance and advance our ability to grow, learn and adapt?


We must commit ourselves to the activities that will help us overcome the burden of “stinkin’ thinkin’” and establish a practice based upon gratitude, openness, and acceptance of the events that promise to help us towards our goal.

Personally, this means a level discipline that forces me out of my comfort zone and past the boundaries of my physical, emotional and spiritual limitations. Perseverance, patience, discipline and a little humility go a long way in the practice of my life.

I must also recognize and embrace the fact that there is no perfect in practice. Throughout life, I will continue grow, adapt, and improve with practice. However, as I age, move, change jobs, build and lose relationships, etc., I must practice in a different manner so that I can continue to grow and learn more about my limits and myself.

Striving for perfection can only lead to disappointment because life is fluid and I must stay fluid as well. Fluid in the expectations I place upon others and myself so that I can develop a practice that allows me to respond in a way that best promotes physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Practice may make perfect, but perfect is constantly changing so I must never stop practicing.

Health and sobriety are not the destination, my friends. They are simply the benchmarks in the journey towards a meaningful life and a fulfilled existence.

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