Fast Food Disconnect

French Fry Head

Ripped on French Fries

Absolutely had to share this image published by the New York Times in a discussion over, “The Lure of the Fast Food Menu”. I think it’s a pretty fair representation of the current American ideal (spending countless hours in the gym to get in shape in order to validate our fast food addiction) and how diametrically opposed our dietary and lifestyle behaviors tend to be. An added bonus, we seem to be completely satisfied living in the disconnect that exists between food and habit. So much so that we are liable to break into a sweat simply thinking about our next trip to McDonald’s.

From personal experience, conflicts of this nature are the breeding ground for eating disorders that can further perpetuate the destructive thought processes and behaviors that lead to rapid declines in physical and mental health.

Awareness is critical in developing a healthy diet and lifestyle that promotes wellness and is the cornerstone of a meaningful food-body connection. Without awareness, we may never be able to create harmony between our food, thoughts and actions.

Image courtesy of The New York Times and Ben Rohlmann

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